Health benefits of Air Purifiers


With a significant increase in indoor and outdoor pollution, there is an increased need of purifiers to eliminate its effects.  Using an air purifier is a good option, as reports by Environmental Protection Agency suggest that indoor pollution increases due to building construction materials and products like household cleaners. 

This article will talk about some primary health benefits of air purifiers which will help you select an appropriate one.  Generally, air purifiers eliminate allergens, pet odors, fumes, and pollutants. They also decrease the carbon from homes. Moreover, they refresh the stale air, reducing the chances of health issues.

Some Important Health Benefits of Air Purifier Everyone Should Know

Following are some essential health benefits of using an air purifier:

  • Reduced Chances Of lung’s Diseases
  • Improvement In Sleep
  • Increased Life Expectancy
  • Reduced Chances Of Mesothelioma
  • Elimination Of Volatile Organic Compounds, Reducing The Risk Of Leukemia And Lymphoma
  • Reduced carbon dioxide levels
  • Reduced contaminations in hospitals and Health care clinics
  • Maintenance of Indoor Air Quality

Air Purifiers by Oval Air can come in quite handy here. The purifier eliminates allergens, like dust and pet odor, resulting in reduced chances of your body producing IgE-allergy antibodies.

Reduced Chances of Lung Diseases

Due to increased smoking habits indoors, the quality of air takes a massive hit. Passive smoking affects everybody, especially children, as their lungs are in the developing stage. Adults are affected too, as their lungs get weaker with time, making them vulnerable to several diseases.

Activated carbon in the Oval Air Purifier can trap cigarette smoke, improving air quality by tenfold. Harmful chemicals, odors and pollutants make the activated carbon porous by increasing its temperature, making it absorb cigarette smoke.

As concluded from the National Library of Medicine, chemicals like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide increases the chances of dementia, asthma, and bronchitis. Therefore, to reduce or even eliminate these issues, consider using the Oval Air Purifier, as it can absorb harmful particles present in air.

Improvement in Sleep

Indoor allergens like bacteria, fungi and dust mites can result in allergies and fevers. Allergies cause a runny nose, frequent sneezes, nose congestion, watery eyes and cough. These symptoms often get worse if you don’t treat them right away.

Staying up all night can lower your productivity. To minimize t sleeping issues, using the Oval Air purifier would be an excellent idea. The product eliminates allergens by filtering out pollutants from your room, providing you a restful night’s sleep.

Life Expectancy Increased

Cardiac, respiratory and neurological systems are often disturbed by increased exposure to indoor air pollutants. These pollutants take up the place in  common household products including cleaning agents.  The particles from these products are so tiny that they enter the blood-brain barrier, and adversely affect your brain and cognitive functions.

Using the Oval Air purifier  will trap up the pollutants, giving you a healthier breath and increasing your life expectancy by making the air quality better.

Reduced Chances of Mesothelioma

Asbestos is commonly used in the production of various building materials. However, asbestos is a harmful material, which is heat and chemical resistant.  It is also made up of durable fiber, exposing us to unfavorable conditions for long periods. Asbestos can cause deadly cancer and other illnesses like Mesothelioma, affecting your lungs.

To get rid of asbestos and live a healthier life, use Oval Air purifier, as it reduces the chances of breathing airborne particles and asbestos by absorbing them.

Elimination of Volatile Organic Compounds VOC, Reducing the Risk of Leukemia and Lymphoma

Volatile Organic compounds are present in indoor materials like paints, coatings on walls and furniture, dry cleaners, air fresheners and aerosol sprays. These compounds have high vapor pressure at room temperature, due to which they produce unpleasant aroma that is harmful for your health.

These compounds can result in cancers such as leukemia and Lymphoma. Some common symptoms confirming presence of VOC are nausea, watery eyes, and difficult breath due to burning and choking in throat.

One of the two ways to reduce the concentration of VOC indoors is to purchase “exterior grade” pressed wood products and the other way is to use Oval Air Purifiers. These purifiers will remove the high-pressure vapors and store them in a separate device.

Reduced carbon dioxide levels

With increase in global warming due to urbanization and other factors along with the natural carbon cycle, the percentage of carbon in our homes is not balanced by oxygen. This is because trees and plants don’t emit sufficient oxygen, causing us to inhale carbon dioxide instead.

There are various health issues associated with inhaling too much carbon dioxide including shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, compromised mental abilities, nausea, increased heart rate and blood pressure, excessive sweating, drowsiness and lung diseases. Oxygen recreation is not possible in an indoors, so an alternate might be helpful. Oval Air Purifier will meet these requirements by cleaning and circulating the indoor air.

Reduced Contaminations in Hospitals and Health Care Clinics

Hospitals and healthcare clinics experience both indoor and outdoor pollution, so the chances of getting infected in a hospital are higher. This is because most clinics and hospitals are located near freeways and urban areas.

The indoor pollution of these areas is more destructive than others, because, they are exposed to people with high risk of airborne diseases, bacteria and disinfectants. These disinfectants terminate bacteria but leave behind dangerous toxins.

To purify health clinics and hospitals in a healthier way, using a high quality air purifier like the Oval Air Purifier would be a good idea. These products can also be used in operation rooms to eliminate the toxins and cleanse the air to maintain air quality.

The health benefits discussed in this piece will make you realize the importance of high air quality and the adverse effects of contaminants and allergens. One of the best ways to get rid of breathing related and other health issues would be to get an air purifier from a reliable brand like Oval.

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