How Does an Air Purifier Work? How Do You Clean It?


Experts have outlined that the risk of developing health issues from indoor mold, pesticides, and harmful matter is higher than outdoors. Reports even highlight that the risk of suffering from mold pollutants and pesticidesis five times higher than when outdoors! This shows us how maintaining the air quality inside the house or any other enclosed commercial and residential place is necessary.

However, most people don’t understand the need and the process of air purifiers. In simple words, people don’t know how an air purifier pulls air, processes it, cleans it of any harmful airborne particulate, and then releases it back. We will cover all these aspects in this article, so keep reading to understand better.

How Does an Air Purifier Work?


An air purifier aims to help clean the environment, even if it’s a small room. It removes all airborne pollutants and contaminants such as allergens, toxins, etc. But isn’t that what the air filters do? Air purifiers remove contaminants and impurities from the air and sanitize it.

Normally, any typical air purifier will have a fan to suck harmful and polluted air. There isn’t just one fan in some models but a sequence of multiple fans and filters that suck in air. The filters usually comprise fiber glass, paper, or any kind of mesh that helps capture and neutralize any airborne contaminants that pose health and safety risks to the household.

There are highly efficient filters comprising fiberglass, mesh, etc. It’s not easy to remove small and fine polluting particles from the air. Therefore, the filters contain a highly-dense network of weaves.In addition, there are several layers of weaves in the filters which increase the chances of catching the smallest pollutant particles from the air. With that said, it’s possible to remove particles up to 2.5 microns.

Several air purifiers use light (UV filters) to destroy and neutralize biological impurities and pollution from the air that they suck. Moreover, the activated charcoal helps remove odors and smells, including smoke particles.

Cleaning an Air Purifier –Tips You Need to Follow

Air purifiers help you clean and improve your indoor air quality to allow a healthier lifestyle for everyone inside the house. But while that is happening, you may forget that your air purifier also requires maintenance and cleaning to be consistent with its job. The idea of cleaning the air purifier can easily slip away from the mind. And surprisingly, when users do remember cleaning the air purifier, they don’t have the right tips at hand to do so.

So, to clean the device that cleans your house of any impure pollutants and harsh contaminants, here’re some tips and details.

Clean Your Air Purifier

Depending on the type of air purifier that you have, you must adhere to the strong recommendations for cleaning it in the manual. Check for the manual to ensure that you’re cleaning the air purifier with the recommended tips. 

  • Keep the surrounding areas secure and clean from dust, debris, and pollutant particles collected inside the air purifier and the filter.

  • Wearing hand and eye protection is a recommendation nearly all the time.

  • Ensure that you don’t have anyone with allergies or breathing conditions inside the room where you’re cleaning.

  • Unplug the air purifying unit.

  • Use a damp and clean cloth to wipe the exterior of the model.

  • Set the vacuum cleaner to the lowest and use it on the intake grill.

  • Take out parts that you can easily put back in (check the manual for more detail about which components are detachable).

  • Remove the filter and clean it with water gently if you can,according to the instructions by the manual.

  • Use the vacuum cleaner gently on the filter and remain extra pre-cautious when moving to work on the mesh

  • Don’t insert the filter back into the air purifying unit when it’s wet.

  • Clean off any mold or particulate matter on the filter using a clean and damp cloth with caution to avoid any infections or allergies.

Should You Wash a HEPA Filter?

If you didn’t know already, HEPA filter stands for high-efficiency particular air.It sucks air and uses fin filter quality to capture large and small particulate matter such as dander, bacteria, etc. Therefore, you must know that the more pollutants and contaminating particles that your filter collects, the dirtier and less effective it will get. That’s why you should always set a timetable and proper schedule, if you can, to make sure that your HEPA filter receives the required cleaning.

Without properly cleaning the HEPA filter, your indoor air quality cannot improve or even stay consistent! Many types of HEPA filters are washable,which is one of the main things you have to worry about. You can’t wash a non-washable HEPA filter. Check the manual, wash it with cold water, and vacuum it for large and coarse-particle debris.


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