Types of Air Purifiers – Which’s the Best One for Your Home?


Poor indoor air quality can lead to many health problems. Therefore, it is important to choose the right air purifier to ensure your family’s health and safety.Since there are many products with different features, it can be quite confusing to set into the market for choosing the best air purifier for your house. Remember, you cannot ensure your family’s health safety by choosing the best air purifier out there. Rather, you can achieve that level of certainty by choosing the “right” air purifier.

It is worth mentioning that you should look into the different types of air purifiers before making the purchase. Only a few are suitable as household air purifiers due to the scale of their use and level of investment required often.

Adsorbent Purifiers

Before getting started, you should first learn about adsorbent purifiers.This air purifier absorbs unusual smells and traps harmful chemical air pollutants through activated charcoal. For one, you will notice a widely preferred application of adsorbent purifiers in environmental cleanup activities because they are highly efficient in absorbing toxic matter.

As the name suggests, the properties of this type of air purifiers rely on the use of adsorbent materials that pull the harmful and toxic substances like a magnet. Its application comes into effect through either chemical or physical processes.

The physical adsorptionutilizes the “van der Waals” electrostatic forces present between the molecules. It means adhesion of polar molecules of substances, let’s say water, will attract only polar adsorbents. Similarly, non-polar substances will attract non-polar adsorbents.

But when talking about chemical adsorption, the process is quite different. It involves chemical bonding between toxic substances and adsorbents. Therefore, you must know that physical adsorption is reversible but chemical adsorption isn’t.So, in a nutshell, when toxic and harmful air substances pull through an adsorbent air purifier, they adsorb into the adsorbent materials’ porous bed. Following that, the air purifier releases toxin-free and clean air.

What Makes It Unique?

The best part about using adsorbent air purifiers for homes safely is that they don’t produce any harmful when purifying the air. Often, you will hear a list of VOCs and pesky odors that other types of purifiers cannot remove effectively except the adsorbent air purifiers. Adsorbent filters are compatible with HEPA and ionic purifiers, along with others. This significantly increases the chances of removing obnoxious odors along with toxic air contaminants.

Ionic Purifiers

When discussing different types of air purifiers, it’s hard to not mention ionic air purifiers. They have remained popular since the early 2000s and date back to the 1990s. If you’re in the market for a filter-less air purifier alternative to other options, this is the perfect choice. However, don’t be hasty in your decision and compare different typesto make an educated decision.

Currently, HEPA filters are more popular than ionic purifiers. The reason behind its decline in popularity, was that the ionic air purifiers produce ozone gas. This drawback paved the road to HEPA filter’s success in the market.

This type comprises two different varieties including the electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) and ionizers. The ionizer variety produces ions that contain positive/negative charge. Through corona discharge process, the ionizer air purifier releases negatively-charged particles which attract and attach to the harmful and toxic substances floating around in the air. Next, when the charged particles attach to harmful air contaminants, they fall down to the ground. Now you have to clean them up to make sure your house is free of toxins and harmful substances.

ESPs air purifiers use the same idea but with the addition of a positively charged plate inside the purifier. This plate attracts negatively charged particles attached to toxic substances and elements in the air. Users favored these over ionizers since cleaning the positive-charge plate was always easier than the entire room.

What Makes It Unique?

They don’t require filters and therefore no replacement costs. With that said, it’s worth mentioning that the upkeep costs of these air purifiers are also lowwhile still being quieter than others.

However, one upset of this amazing air purifier is that it produces heavy volumes of ozone.

HEPA Purifiers

This purification technology has existed for a couple of decades now.The idea of having HEPA air purifiers in households became universal some time after the Second World War. The idea came from gas masks during the war and soon indoor air purification technology began to firm its step into the market.

HEPA is an acronym for High-Efficiency Particulate Air that involves standard filtration processes expert at filtering out microscopic harmful substances and particles. According to its requirements, the qualified HEPA filter could strain particles as little as 0.3 μm.They are highly efficient for cleaning up small and large harmful substances.

The HEPA filter purifiers contain a fan which pulls unclean and impure air into the filter. The filter usually comprises of fiberglass. The fiberglass material does an extremely efficient job by trapping harmful airborne particles in its maze-like texture. The harmful particles get stuck and are unable to move inside the tangled fibers of their filters. Therefore, some stick onto the fibers while some patch into the fibers.

At the same time, some harmful chemicals can bounce off each other while colliding with gas molecules. The purifier keeps pulling room air inside to cycle it again and again which reduces the volume, amount, and concentration of harmful particles in the air.

What Makes It Unique?

This air purifier doesn’t produce any harmful byproduct gases or substances and is among the most cost-effective options out there. One of very few downsides is that it doesn’t remove odors effectively.


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